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This book “Service Oriented Mapping 2012” presents diverse aspects of modern map production and geobusiness that were collected during the first Symposium on Service Oriented Mapping from November 22nd to 23rd 2012 in Vienna. The content of the book may give the impression that it is inhomogeneous and this is true. Important stakeholders qualified within the double-blind peer review process by an international program committee. The contributions based on varying backgrounds and experiences of participating stakeholders were orchestrated for this interesting topic on “service oriented mapping”.

The basic idea of Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) for map production sounds great and e.g. may help to keep storage requirements low. But before improvidently changing to SOA infrastructures for map production, its use, restrictions and future potential should be explored. Therefore open questions have to be answered and field reports should be exchanged. In this book different stakeholders, reaching from national mapping agencies to industries, standardisation bodies to NGOs and research institutions to application providers deal with questions of SOA in map production and geobusiness.

The book consists of seven sections with several chapters. 37 chapters all together, which highlight the current situation and experiences of service-oriented mapping. An additional hands-on workshop section with 12 lectures introduces the reader to webmapping and geo web services. 

The sections are “Introduction to Service-Oriented Mapping”, the “Diversity of Service-Oriented Map Production”, “Selected Use Cases”, “Advanced Perspectives of Service-Oriented Mapping”, “Geobusiness Considerations and Perspectives”, “Service-Oriented Atlas Applications” and the “Cookbook on Webmapping and Geo Web Services”.


e-Book Edition (PDF)

Size: 16x24cm, 614 pages, 37 chapters, 12 lectures

Markus Jobst (Ed.), Jobstmedia Management Verlag, Wien 2013,
e-Book     ISBN-13: 978-3-9502039-3-6

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